Two Storey Carriage Home with Double Garage

The below table shows the cost breakdown from low-end to high-end pricing to build a 2-bedroom, 1.5 bath, two storey carriage home with a double garage.


Required: Identifies the must-have tasks in order to complete a two-storey carriage home with a double garage.

MNBR: “May not be required”. These tasks are not always required, the circumstance will be different for every build.

SHOW / HIDE Feature:
The Show / Hide button in the table below allows you to select or deselect the ‘Required’ and ‘May Not Be Required (MNBR)’ items in the table according to your preferences. The total values dynamically adjust to your selections. In all cases, the tasks marked Required are always necessary.

Low-End $ 333,200.00
High-End $ 594,800.00

This image is an example of a high-end build, it is for illustrative purposes only.

Disclaimer Notice: General contracting fees are included in pricing. Taxes are not included. These estimates are formulated from years of experience building and renovating hundreds of projects. This table cannot be used as an official guide to your build as every build is different. Due to building material costs such as lumber, pricing may be subject to change.